Hyatt Place, Medford

 There will be a special rate of $179/night offered to event attendees at the Hyatt Place Boston/Medford. Tufts will provide one morning shuttle from the Hyatt Place to campus but otherwise the hotel offers a shuttle on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Tufts Housing

Tufts Conference and Event Services offer on campus housing at affordable pricing and within steps to your conference. To review and book housing please see our website. If you have any questions, regarding housing please contact us at or call (617) 627-3568. Accommodations on-campus at Tufts will be available with the estimated prices below :



Single no air conditioning: $47/night/room

Double no air conditioning: $59/night/room

Single with air conditioning: $59/night/room

Double with air conditioning: $71/night/room

Registration for housing at Tufts is now available: